New era could start in Mine Hill politics

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Wed, 12/02/2009

The first order of business at Mine Hill's Nov. 19

municipal meeting was the swearing in of Bret Coranato, who was recently elected to complete a two-year term on Mine Hill's Town Council. Councilman Coranato, a Republican, fills the unexpired term left by former Councilman Michael Giordano and held briefly by Councilwoman Kristine Kanzenback.

The other three GOP officials picked in November's General Election to fill three four-year terms on the Council will take their oath of office on Jan. 7, 2010, at the first Council meeting of the new year. They are: Kanzenback, Sam Morris and Conrad Pepperman.

The group, along with Coranato, ran on a platform of promising to recapture an atmosphere of government cooperation and community participation, an approach, according to their campaign material, lacking in the township.

In other town news, Mine Hill's Council adopted an ordinance allowing fundraising activities, such as community garage sales and automobile rallies, to take place on public and private land.

The approved Overlay Zone Ordinance permits conditional use of land owned by the township, Canfield School, Mine Hill's Fire Department and one commercial organization.

The seven areas that have been chosen as overlay zones include: Firemen's Field and Mine Hill's Boy Scout Building on Baker Street, Canfield School grounds, Mine Hill Beach area, a recreational field located behind Mine Hill's Civic Center, a wooded area off Randolph Avenue adjacent to Canfield School and Mine Hill's American Legion Post 391 on Maple Avenue.

The Council also approved a one-year contract with Morris County for radio dispatching services. Under the agreement, The Morris County Communications Center manages emergency calls for police, fire and ambulance vehicles. The contract becomes effective Jan. 1, 2010.

After a drawn-out discussion, the Council delayed approval of a resolution that would have granted S. Rotondi & Sons, based in Chatham, a one-year contract to operate the town's compost facility located off Canfield Avenue. Requesting more time to clarify insurance questions, the Town Council delayed a vote until its next meeting on Dec. 3.

Addressing the Council for the first time, Jason Gonzales, a Mine Hill resident and member of JORBA (Jersey Off Road Bicycling Association), offered a direction that could provide a role for the national bicycle club in developing the Dickerson Mine tract off Canfield Avenue.

Though the township has reviewed options over the years on how to develop the 200-acre open space site, it has yet to decide an approach that would covert the forest to an outdoor recreational area.

Deciding it was time to approach Mine Hill's Town Council; Gonzales suggested that JORBA, a volunteer organization, could offer support and assistance in planning and building bike trails, a project that could begin next year at no cost to the township.

"I would like to see a variety of trails developed with multi uses, such as offering a degree of challenges for hikers, joggers and bikers," Gonzales said.

The Council plans to follow up on Gonzales' proposal at a later date.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
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