West Milford man recognized for volunteer efforts in park

Date Published: 
Fri, 06/16/2006

WAWAYANDA — Tony Marino of West Milford and Tom Flynn of Vernon were honored on Sunday for their efforts in keeping the trails free of fallen limbs and in patrolling the trails to scout for cyclists in need of help.

“We simply don’t have the staff to patrol and maintain the trails,” Steve Ellis, the regional superintendent said, “and we have to count on the work these bicyclists so generously give.”

Marino said that he lives near the park, and spends a great deal of time on the trails there.

Both cyclists agreed that the trails are one of the parks glorious assets.

“I love to ride back here,” Marino said. “The trails are worth keeping up.”

They were among the people Wawayanda State Park officials honored for their contributions as park volunteers during the past year.

“The services these volunteers have donated to the park have topped $10,000 in hours of labor the park otherwise would have been obliged to pay for,” said Steve Ellis, regional superintendent of the northern region of the N.J. state park system.