How can you Volunteer?

JORBA is in a constant need of volunteers at every level. Life's changes, getting in more rides, that pesky day-job... these all determine what level of commitment you can make to give back to the sport of mountain biking in NJ. However, if you can spare some time on the weekends in the field, or spare some time doing computer driven activities, or you spend your time on the road and you can stop by bike shops to spread the gospel, these are all activities that can help JORBA and our sport grow sustainably.

Below you will find our "Wish List" of items that could really help us out.

Volunteer Fieldwork


Can you spend 3-4 hours, on one or more weekends per season, helping us build and maintain trails? If so, then please consult our activities Calendar and consider volunteering at a park near to you. We usually have something going on every weekend.

Ultimately, if every mountain biker in NJ volunteers 1-2 times per season, NJ will be in great shape. Instead we usually see the same faces every month and they give so much. If you are able, please try to participate in trail work at your local park; we want to see some new faces!


Are you an Americorps Volunteer or supervisor? If you are looking for trail work opportunities within the Garden State, please contact us at seebeck(at)jorba.org for information on how you can help improve NJ's trails.

Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts of America

Are you looking for some fun and educational trail work experience for your cub scout or girl scout troop? Are you an Eagle Scout looking for a significant project ? If so, contact us at Jeff Mergler for more information on how you can get involved in NJ's Parks and Forests.


Are you an employee of a philanthropic oriented corporation, or charged with finding worthwhile volunteer activities for your employees? Would you like to find fun, healthy, outdoor-oriented, team-building experiences for your employees? If so, please contact us at Jeff Mergler

Volunteer Positions Available

The Development Committee is a catch all committee that helps JORBA grow, advocated its mission, and publicize its activities. We need the following skills for for these positions. (Even if the position is filled, no fear, many times we're looking for 1 or more individuals to fill a single role.)

Events Coordinator

We need someone that can keep on top of all JORBA events, such as trail work, group rides, and any other events and get the word out to the riding community. This person would interface with all the JORBA chapters and pass along* to the public any events generated at the chapter or JORBA level. *This would be someone that is comfortable with email, internet forums, google calendar, and the wiki. And, we would also like to begin taking advantage of social networking such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, to help get the message out about our JORBA activities.

Grants Research and Writing

We need people to keep on top of Grant sources by scanning the internet for Grant opportunities for bicycle or trail related projects. Our main source of Grant money is the Recreational Trails Program (RTP), but we do need additional grant sources for bike park projects, trail marking, equipment, infrastructure, etc.

Legal Counsel

Are you a lawyer practicing in NJ with a little bit of free time and wish to help us advocate responsible mountain biking ? If so, we need occasional help with some legal issues related to the Recreational Use Statute, waiver reviews, etc. You can tackle one question for us, or as many as your schedule permits. For the most part the legal counsel would be doing simple research or giving us legal advice, not the drudgery of filing paperwork.

Newsletter Committee

We need help help gathering content, generating ideas and creating articles for The Dirt. Ultimately we would like this to be a committee of 3 or more "beat reporters" collaborating together on content and layout.

Press Relations

We need people that can generate a press release, maintain a press contact list and send out press releases to regional and local papers as needs arise. This is an urgent need since we are terrible at getting press coverage for all the good things we do within NJ. We have a single volunteer at this time, Lisa Fortunato, but we can use a few more folks with experience in this area.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at: development at jorba dot org