Trail Ambassador


Do you want to volunteer but trail work just isn't your thing? Do you like to ride? Of course you do, the JORBA Trail Ambassador program offers mountain bikers the chance to volunteer while riding.

Trail Ambassadors are knowledgeable volunteers who assist, educate and inform trail users. With a little enthusiasm, anyone with mountain bike experience can become a Trail Ambassador. Mountain bikers who are looking for a way to volunteer while they are out on the trail doing what they love - riding - are invited to join this innovative program.

Ambassadors work directly in cooperation with local JORBA Chapters when they are out on the trails, riding and assisting trail users. They are an on-trail presence that enhances all trail users' experiences. Trail Ambassadors are not required to hold formal medical training, such as CPR or First Aid. Ambassadors are not expected to provide any medical assistance while volunteering.

JORBA's Trail Ambassador Program

JORBA introduced a pilot Trail Ambassador Program in Fall 2009 at Jungle Habitat in West Milford. Trail Ambassadors ride the park and assist all trail users with directions, questions and try to make all users enjoy the park a little more. Some light mechanical assistance is also performed, although we do not as policy "wrench" other peoples bicycles because its outside the mission of the program.

The Trail Ambassador program is currently run by Tom Hennigan who is also a member of the NJ Regional Bike Patrol as well as member of the Mt. Peter Ski Patrol.

General Duties

All Trail Ambassadors are required to join JORBA and register with the local Chapter as a Trail Ambassador member. They must maintain a log of their hours and submit summaries at the year's end to the Chater Leads.

Ambassadors will undergo an orientation by the TA coordinator prior to being an Ambassador.

When riding as an Ambassador, you must act professionally and be diplomatic at all times. You are the direct interface of our user community to all other trail users and a high level of professionalism is required. You should never sacrifice an opportunity to socialize and spread the love of sustainable trails and mountain biking to all other trail users. If your focus is a training ride to best your last lap time, the Trail Am jersey should be left in the car.

And finally, you must log your hours using the form below.

Trail Ambassador requirements

  • JORBA Membership
  • Mountain Bike
  • JORBA Park Rep Permission
  • A (mostly) Positive Attitude
  • TA Training Ride (OK it's just an excuse for me to get out and ride somewhere new.)

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