Getting Involved

Humble Beginnings

This is a common story about how advocates are born:

A long, long time ago, a local mountain biker decided to get involved with local park when rumors swirled that the beloved trail network was soon to be closed. At the time, this person had no no idea that volunteers were the main force maintaining the trails because after all, everyone assumes that paid park maintenance personnel did trail work. After spending time helping the volunteer led maintenance group, it became apparent that this participation had a positive effect on the park and the quality of the trails. Fast forward to present day, and you might recognize that person now as the old sage, the crew leader, mentoring others to maintain trails to high degree of quality. In addition, this participation by the group, led by that advocate, born years before from a crisis, has gained the respect of the land manager, fellow trails users and the threat of closure is a distant memory.

You can have a similar effect; all you have to do is reach out to us. We are always looking for more friendly, like minded, eager to assist people to make positive changes throughout the state. You don't necessarily have to participate in trail maintenance to do that. We are looking for leaders, writers, researchers and folks with varying talents to help us further the sport of mountain biking in New Jersey. Below you will find a list of our activities and volunteer requests, maybe something in there will spark your interest...we hope so.

Trail Maintenance

Can you spend 3-4 hours, on one or more weekends per season, helping us build and maintain trails? If so, then please consult our activities Calendar and consider volunteering at a park near to you. We usually have something going on every weekend.

Ultimately, if every mountain biker in NJ volunteers 1-2 times per season, NJ will be in great shape. Instead we usually see the same faces every month and they give so much. If you are able, please try to participate in trail work at your local park; we want to see some new faces!

Grant Writing

We need people to keep on top of Grant sources by scanning the internet for Grant opportunities for bicycle or trail related projects. Our main source of Grant money is the Recreational Trails Program (RTP), but we do need additional grant sources for bike park projects, trail marking, equipment, infrastructure, etc. If interested please contact:

Legal Counsel

Are you a lawyer practicing in NJ with a little bit of free time and wish to help us advocate responsible mountain biking ? If so, we need occasional help with some legal issues related to the Recreational Use Statute, waiver reviews, etc. You can tackle one question for us, or as many as your schedule permits. For the most part the legal counsel would be doing simple research or giving us legal advice, not the drudgery of filing paperwork. If interested please contact:

Press Relations

We need people that can generate a press release, maintain a press contact list and send out press releases to regional and local papers as needs arise. This is an urgent need since we are terrible at getting press coverage for all the good things we do within NJ.

If interested please contact:

Website Committee

We need one or more folks to help maintain the forums, maintain the wiki as well as keeping the content up to date and fresh. For example, the forums will need to be moderated and tweaked, forums added, permissions changed every once in a while. The wiki site is in need of more content, especially content related to the chapters and their activities in their park(s). In addition, all the park related pages need to have content updated, such as GPS tracks (which can be links from other GPS sites such as Mtb Project, MTBR, Pinkbike, etc). the Directions links need to be updated, perhaps with links to MTBNJ. Suggested loops sections can be linked to mtbNJ and mtbr's trail reviews section, or have locals enter their own reviews, etc.