Stephens State Park

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Steve Filipponi
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Stephens State Park - Google Maps
New Jersey DEP Parks & Forestry - Park Website


Stephens State Park runs along the southern side of the Musconetcong River. This is an emerging jewel of the area and is quickly becoming a destination in it's own with almost 20 miles of trails (if not more). Many of the trails are recovered ATV trails though some trails have been built from scratch by the ever-persistent Stratocaster. With a single road crossing you can jump into Deer Park which turns this into a big, multi-hour ride. One of the intermediate JORBAfest loops goes into Stephens.


These are new highly detailed "Unofficial" Trail Maps created by Joe Gabor, JORBA volunteer and rides for Cutters Bike Shop Team in Bethlehem, PA. Volunteer created, Joe has spent countless hours on these highly detailed maps and he requests that if you like the maps please donate to JORBA.

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