Both the “Seaview Tract Trails” and “Estell Manor Park” are governed by the Atlantic County Parks Commission of which we have an outstanding relationship with.  The “Port Trails” are governed by the Port Republic Town Government.  We also have an outstanding relationship with them.

We created a Facebook page “Atlantic County MTB Group” in order to promote trail riding in the area, post TM work, post rides, etc…   We use this to show the County the increased demand for multi-use trails in the area.  The page went from a few dozen to almost 500 members and growing…

We also have a great relationship with the local NICA Team.  The kids and their parents have and will help with TM.   At times they utilize the Seaview Trails for training.

  • Estell Manor:  We have had a lot of blow downs at Estell that we continue to clear.  Those trails have not been marked, so we designed a trail map for the county.  It is being approved and the county has purchased posts and color coded decals to be installed.  The County will also build a kiosk to display the new map.
  • Seaview Trails:  The Seaview Trails are in great shape and we have seen a huge increase in usage from hikers, runners, families hiking and mountain bikers.  During 2020 we built about 4 miles of new trail, while observing social distancing of course.  We have proposed to the County to add 3 more miles, giving us approximately 14 miles of trails on that tract.   One positive of our South Jersey soil, is it does not hold water, so the trails have been ridable all Winter.
  • Port Trails:  The past year we have not had time to clean the Port Trails.  Port Republic town counsel reached out to us to ask for our help in cleaning them up.  We will work on them soon.  The counsel also asked us to build more trails on about 500 acres they have slated for a trail network.  I will meet with them to design the system and work out a schedule…   This is great news!!! 
  • Galloway Gravel Pit:  Over a year ago Galloway Township has discussed building trails in and around a 100 acre gravel pit that was donated to them.  Covid stalled that work.  They recently reached out to me to start discussing that project.  A perimeter trail, drop-ins and a pump track of some sort in the pit itself.  More to come on that.  I may need some help the JORBA Team with more experience in this area…

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