Approximately 40 hours of mainly trimming.  Was approved to address bad areas on the Ridge Trail, which cutting nics was effective to address issues.

Armoured an historically bad wet spot, approximately 10-15 feet in length, and it held up well over the winter.

In October, walked one of the illegal trails with Alex Riveria, the Mercer County Trail Steward for the park. This trail was created around 2010 and is one of the best trails in the park.  We identified 3 locations for re-route to make the trail more sustainable.  If these areas are addressed, there is the potential to make the trail legal.  Sounds like it is going to happen but Alex was focusing on different items over the winter. I am asking if we can flag the changes in the nearchanges near future.  This is my main objective for 2021 outside of normal trimming.

Moores Station Quarry master plan survey was sent out to people in Hunterdon and Mercer County using the JORBA members list after the county’s consultant presented 3 plans, one has many “action sports” options.  The list was also distributed to local NICA teams in Bucks and Mercer County.  The letter suggested to select the mtb trails, pump track and connection to Baldpate.   Kevin and Justin have been selected for a user group interview for development of the master plan.  The meeting should happen in late March or April. 

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