In 2020, the Ringwood Trail Crew recorded 612 volunteer hours.

In April, James Bazzano and Tom Pannorfi organized work parties that Park Management permitted, while the Park was technically closed, due to Covid-19 restrictions. Strict mask protocol was observed, and social distancing encouraged.

Standout projects include removal of a dilapidated 20+ year old bridge, that was deemed a hazard, and construction of an improved replacement bridge. As part of the bridge project, adjacent trails were improved to enhance sustainability, and create a connection to other trails in the area. Funding for bridge materials was provided by the Park, as well as private donations.

Additionally, ongoing improvements and renovations were performed on the Race Trail, including two minor realignments to mitigate erosion problems that had developed since the trail was built 25 years ago.

A proposal has also been submitted for a reroute of a section of Cooper Union Trail located at the north end of the Park. 

Increased park use during the pandemic has put pressure on the trail system, which has shown signs of wear over the past year. Illegal motorized activity, (specifically quads and motorcycles), Has become rampant. The Park is aware of the situation, but has little ability to stop it. This is ongoing, and will need to be addressed further.

No major new projects are planned for 2021, and existing trails will be maintained as per usual.

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