In what can only be considered normal in this wildly abnormal time in our lives, the park admins at Washington Valley Park have asked JORBA to complete a trail reroute ASAP. Yes, you read that right. We are being “forced” to build a new trail. Earlier than expected. To that we can only say, heck yeah!

But we need some help because we just got the green light yesterday.

We will be working this Saturday morning on the blue trails. See the map below for a reference to where the trail build will be taking place:

You can find more details and conversation about the build here.

Where: Newman’s Lane
When Saturday May 22, 8:30 am
Why: Because trail build
What: Trail building!

As a reference to some of the work we have done this year, see this before & after picture.

After a rough 2020, we are seeing a (grade) reversal from a lot of the parks statewide in an effort to help address some of the trails that got heavy use in the last year. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the park, and we anticipate a lot of good things in 2021.

Even if you can’t make this build, you can check out some of the work that has being done on the MTBNJ standing Fun Monday Ride. Hope to see you at the TM, or the Monday ride, or both.

You can find more discussion about Chimney Rock here.

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