Like the rains in spring, the falling leaves in autumn, and a general malaise when the dentist tells you to floss your teeth each meal, every year the month of July rings in the July riding competition on MTBNJ and sponsored by Halter’s Cycles. This year, however, we are all teaming up together to bring the challenge to a wider audience in an effort to raise awareness, increase JORBA membership, and encourage group participation on the MTBNJ message board.

31 in 31…or maybe almost.

Here are the rules:

  1. You need to ride your bike every day, outside, for at least 1 hour
  2. The ride needs to be on Strava
  3. It’s recommended to join this group on Strava as well
  4. You need to post it to this thread on MTBNJ
  5. You will need to be a member of the MTBNJ forum
  6. You need to be a JORBA member in good standing on July 31st, 2021
  7. On rule #1 – maybe you don’t need to ride every day after all…
  8. The Mulligan Rule. Each rider in this competition will be granted on e (1) Mulligan. This means that you are allowed to miss a single day and make it up later. However, you need to make it up by doing one (1) ride of 1+ hour in addition to one (1) TM session of 1+ hour on the same day. You will need to convince the event organizers that your TM efforts are legit in order for this to count


  • In total, $2500 (or more) of gift certificates to Halter’s Cycles will be awarded in this competition
  • Each rider who rides all 31 days will receive a $100 gift certificate to Halter’s Cycles
  • In the event that more than 25 people finish, MTBNJ and JORBA will cover the cost of those additional finishers
  • There will be $500 for people who do not finish all 31 days but ride at least 20 days, given out in $50 certificates
  • In the event that more than 10 people ride over 20 but less than 31, the riders with the highest number of days will get the certificates

It’s that simple. Ride bike, post to forum, be a JORBA member in good standing. That’s it. Really.

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