JORBA helps a neighbor

Washington Valley Park, Bridgewater

JORBA has been a long-time partner of Washington Valley Park in Bridgewater. When a section of the boardwalk collapsed on the Middlebrook trail, and the township’s resources were stretched too thin to repair it, it was only natural for Tom Genova, Director of Municipal Services in Bridgewater, to reach out to JORBA park-rep, Kirt Mills for assistance.

The runoff from spring rain eroded the supporting ground and caused the boardwalk to collapse. Kirt and JORBA member, Patrick Mariani worked to create the repair plan and execute it. The team was able to create a plan to help mitigate future erosion and keep the boardwalk safe to use with the help of Tom and Tyson Murdock.

JORBA continues to gain trust and respect in our parks.  The hard work of park stewards and volunteers helps build connections within our communities and secures mountain bike access for years to come. 

A nice side project to assist one of the partners of JORBA is just another way we can all make a difference. 

–Patrick Mariani

Process and Progress

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