Northstar Contracting, King Trail Alliance and Marty’s Reliable Cycle have provided some training to JORBA equipment operators. Congratulations to

  • Jason Fenton
  • Art White
  • Jeremy Klopper
  • Tom Pannorfi
  • Ken Seebeck
  • Sandy Chapman
  • Chris Chapman
  • Marc Perez

for succesfully completing the course.

Mechanized Training

After a safety briefing the training agenda included loading and unloading the JORBA Mini ex from the trailer with a focus on the following:

  • placement of equipment on the trailer
  • un/loading with the bucket forward and backward
  • building comfort with the machine “tilt” when un/loading
  • securing the machine AND bucket

Hands on experience wincluded the following skills in a controlled environment:

  • introduction – basic control familiarity
  • simultaneous axis control drills
  • raking the ground (stick boom, main boom, bucket curl)
  • thumb controls
  • moving loads (rocks, logs, etc.) while swinging left / right
  • securing the machine for operation
  • dig forward, finish behind
  • track packing and bucket packing
  • maneuvering on steep slopes
  • adjusting track width & operating with narrow vs wide track position
  • blade operation
  • building a safe, stable footing to operate from

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