The executive committee now has access to additional features of CiviCRM and WordPress. Moving forward we will be rolling out access to different parts of our systems for different JORBA teams. For example, park reps will be able to add trail work events, manage volunteers and log hours.

In the next few days we will be adding a login link on the website. In the meantime please visit to login.

The initial access to content is based on WordPress user roles. They are; anonymous, subscriber, contributor, author, editor and admin. Editors and Administrators will be sent to the WordPress dashboard, all the others will be sent to the JORBA website dashboard AKA the JORBoard.

As part of the executive committee you have access to most parts of the two systems, WordPress for posting on the website and CiviCRM, for managing JORBA’s constituents. I will be adding detailed instructions as time permits. For now, please login and if you aren’t immediately directed there, checkout your JORBoard.

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