Add one for your bad rides too.

Trail reports are submitted by riders have several uses. Each trail and region has a history of all the reports, the most recent report on a trail effects that trails status.

  • Indicator of the current status of a trail (open, closed, issues or hazards)
  • Inform riders of the ground conditions on a trail
  • Inform JORBA of problems or something needing attention on a trail
  • Log work done to a trail
  • Creating detailed trail assessments

Riders can check a riding areas current trail status before heading out on a ride, to avoid closed trails or trails with major issues. After a ride they can report the trail conditions or any issues on the trails they rode. JORBA and park management can monitor the reports for issues that require action and send someone out to check or fix the issue and report that work done.

You can add trail reports on the Trailforks website. Here’s how. Or right in the Trailforks app.

With our riding season extending into winter it is more important than ever to report trail conditions and status. After, or during your next ride help JORBA ID trail problems and help other riders avoid unpleasant conditions and submit a trail report.

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