The Wildcat Ridge WMA chapter of JORBA remains active. In 2020-2021 there was a joint effort with the NYNJTC to replace a dilapidated bridge across a brook within the WMA. This effort was completed and benefitted all trail users  as well as building good will between the two organizations.

Due to above normal rainfall, vegetation growth in 2020 was abundant and required many hours of trimming. This was performed by several chapter supporters. 

Due to unprecedented visitor attendance,  special attention was given to trail blazing and approximately 90% of all trail blazes were refreshed in 2021.

Typical clearing of downfall was performed on a continual basis.

Trail work reports and hours were documented in the site and volunteer hours also entered into the paydirt spreadsheet.

As a result of revisions to the NJDEP WMA management policies, a special use permit is now required to perform trail maintenance. On behalf of JORBA,  Tom Hennigan applied for the permit which was granted by NJDEP Susan Predl in September 2021. It should be noted that Predl has since retired. No permanent replacement has been made to date. 

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