2021 was a slower than normal year for trail work at the Sourlands due to the on-going pandemic, but also because all of the good sustainable work put in during prior years.

The big project this year was a complete re-blazing of all the trails within the park. JORBA was not involved in this process but once completed, we made sure the Trailforks app was updated accordingly to help with park user navigation. A Maprika map of the park was also created. The Park Tool Stand purchased by JORBA in 2020 was installed at the Sourlands kiosk in early 2021 with a surprise dedication plaque from the Parks Commission. June Trail Work included extensive trimming of prickers and overgrowth on the lower trails. In August we had a classic Sourlands rock filling session on a newly re-routed section toward the bottom of Boulderama trail to make it rideable. JORBA members flagged many downed tree trail blockages to the Park Rangers throughout the year and they were all addressed very quickly. JORBA also donated a significant amount of lumber to the Park Commission to help repair the aging and weathered boardwalks throughout the park. We look forward to our continued close partnership with the Park Commission in 2022.

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