Trail counts:

University Drive Trailhead: 4/7/21 to 3/2/22 Total: 14,932 Daily Average: 45

Reservoir Drive Red Trailhead: 4/2/21 to 3/2/22 Total: 5,767 Daily Average: 17

Here are the Highlights from Mondays meeting:

  • Updates:
    • New trail signs being made
    • New trail map is being made to include mt bike trails, shared draft
  • We agreed that e bikes are not allowed and fall under no motorized vehicles
  • Agreed that legacy trails have an erosion issue and are in bad shape, new mt bike trails are built to be more sustainable
  • Input on creating a new management plan and what we would like to see at High Mt in the future
    • Need formal agreement with Trails Conference
    • Adaptive mt bike trails/ ADA trail
      • Talked about hiring a professional trail builder consultant
    • Deer Culling seems unlikely based on public and political hurtles
      • Would have to be bow only because of Wayne Townships law prohibiting the discharge of firearms
    • Possibility of glade restoration
    • Junk removal- volunteer groups
    • Invasive plants/ restoration
    • Engage with surrounding community
    • Inclusive and welcomes diversity of users
  • Tasks:
    • Have volunteer mt. bikers that are maintaining the trails (Willy and Steve) to sign liability waivers
      • Invite them to be part of the partners group
    • Have Trail Conference trail maintainers sign liability waivers
    • Closing trails:
      • Drop dying ash trees over close trails to help block them
      • Create signs for closed trails using the words “ restoration and research”, do not mention rare plants
      • Possibility of working with WP students to create research plots/plantings
        • Plantings would need to be approved by NJNLT
    • Schedule a site visit with TNC, Trails Conference, and JORBA to look at trails
      • Look into the possibility of creating an adaptive mt. bike trail and/or ADA trail
      • Evaluate legacy trails to document the condition for the purpose of rating and prioritization of trail improvements.
    • Look into the possibility of having a controlled burn to help control invasives
    • Look into ways to block or stop ATV’s from the Clove
    • Once new trail map is finalized share with Trail Conference

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