Happy Spring!

Greetings Friends,

As spring and the 2022 peak riding season approaches, I am always reminded of the amazing work that JORBA volunteers have accomplished. Over the past year we have logged a tremendous amount of trail work hours, with both maintenance and new projects covering every region of the state. We’ve strengthened partnerships with fellow stakeholders and land managers, working collectively to steward our precious natural resources and increase access to trails. We are fulfilling our mission to advocate, educate and conserve through hard work and passion. For over 23 years now, We Dig.

Speaking of projects, you will notice that more than a few of our new developments involve professional design and builds. From the recently re-worked Flow Trails at the commons in High Bridge, to plans for NJ’s first adaptive trail build in Long Pond, we are working hard to increase access for all and meet the demands of today’s mountain bike community.

With last year’s rebirth of the JORBA Development Committee and the welcoming of new staff and board members, we are working hard to share our story. This is something that we have struggled with in the past as a 100% volunteer organization. We are also increasingly concerned with our aging volunteer population at the chapter and staff levels of the org. As such, we have doubled down on our partnership with NJ NICA, and are working closely with NJ State Parks to help design and build a new NICA venue.

None of this is possible without the support of our members, donors and sponsors. People who share common goals and passion for the mission fuel nonprofit organizations. Our membership roster pales in comparison to the amount of folks enjoying NJ’s trails via mountain bike. Together we are stronger, and our voice with lawmakers and land managers is stronger. I challenge everyone who reads this note to give back to the trails which have given us all so much. Please consider joining today, no matter what the level. If you have the time and energy to pitch in, reach out to learn more about volunteering. We are always hiring! Head over to jorba.org to get involved and let’s make 2022 our best year yet!

Happy Trails,

Ken Seebeck
Executive Director

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