After a several year hiatus, Round Valley is back on the map. MTBNJ front man Norm Zurawski, who doubles as both the MTBNJ and Round Valley JORBA chapter leads, has brought volunteer work back to the trails that surround the reservoir. He has been working with the park super, Leigh Germann, to identify areas that need immediate attention, which includes trimming brush that has already started to encroach on the trails in several spots. In addition, there’s a plan to work on addressing some areas of erosion throughout the park.

The park has also received a state grant to perform work on the main Cushetunk trail. Details of that work are not yet determined.

Official TM sessions are TBD. See the link below to sign up for future notifications.

This week, we got out to address some of the heavy overgrowth that is at the top of what many call Puke Hill. Some before & after pics below.

At least 1 more session will be needed to get this corridor back into shape. But we’ve made a lot of progress with this first pass. After we finish up this area, some attention will be directed at the switchbacks, which have eroded over the years due to heavy use and design limitations.

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