As you probably have heard, Wharton State Forest was severely impacted last week by a wildfire that was started by an illegal campfire set along the Mullica River.   As a result, all recreational trails along the Mullica and Batsto Rivers between Atsion and Batsto Village suffered significant damage.

State Park Service staff and volunteers have assessed everything and have begun repairs.  Unfortunately, because repairs are ongoing and there still are hotspots in the burn zone, we will not be able to open everything for the July 4th weekend:

Hiking trails
We hope to reopen these trails on July 9.

Mountain Bike Trails
We hope to reopen these trails on July 9.

Mullica River
From U.S. 206 to “Lock’s Bridge” will reopen on July 1.  Lock’s Bridge to Constable Bridge will remain closed indefinitely.

Batsto River
From Quaker Bridge to Batsto will reopen on July 1.  

Mullica River Camp
We hope to reopen this campground on July 15.

Until the everything reopens, stay safe and stay off the trails.

All other trails in Wharton State Forest are open and ready for you including the new Whispering Pines Hiking Trails and the new 1808 Hiking Trails

Visit for information about Wharton State Forest. 

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