Chapters are organizations responsible for carrying out the mission of JORBA at the local level.  Chapters may be assigned to steward specific regions or parks, or chapters may be assigned to certain categories of advocacy that span specific parks and regions.

Advocacy and Organizing

Familiarize yourself with IMBA’s Advocacy and Organizing Page. There’s a plethora of great information there.

Minimum Requirements for Chapters

By Laws
Please review the By Laws of JORBA specifically the minimum requirements for a chapter of JORBA.

All Chapter Leaders and Park Reps must be paid members of JORBA.

Not only is it proper to support the mother-ship for her support, it’s required by our insurance carrier (JORBA maintains insurance which includes liability coverage for trail work days).

Leadership Structure

All parks should have a Park Rep leader and a co-leader (or an alternate), as well as other capable people that are willing to take on some responsibility (trail bosses, organizational needs, etc.). You should in effect plan for your replacement. The Park Reps must be paid members of JORBA. The reason for this is many:

  • Monolithic organizations eventually fail due to boredom and burnout by the “larger than life” leader. JORBA and the chapters should have a leader with many people trained and ready to step in and lead at any time. What is a “monolithic organization”? You’ve seen it before… this is the organization where one person does all the work and volunteers are not (intentionally or not) given and opportunity to lead. As a chapter leader, you NEED someone to help you get through the ups-and-downs that come with this game. If you do not have someone that can help you out, either when you need a break, or you have a conflict, you need to make this a goal this season.
  • A chapter leader may not be able to attend and run trail crews every time a trail work schedule is announced. Instead of canceling when the chapter lead cannot attend, let the alternate take the task. as a leader you should feel ok with delegating this task to a trusted individual, once that person is identified.
  • Separation of concerns: A large chapter may want to have specializations in trail work bosses and social or ride leaders. Have people ready to step in take on a trail work day, and have other run the social rides. Do you need to do it all? No! Surround yourself with bright passionate people and let them lead and share in the satisfaction of a job well done!

Organizing Trail Work


Tools and Equipment

Current Chapters

Allaire Trail Users Group (ATUG)
Allaire State Park

Allamuchy Trail Crew
Allamuchy Mountain State Park
Allamuchy “Deer Park”

Atlantic County Chapter
Estelle Manor

Baldpate Chapter
Baldpate  / Ted Stiles Preserve

Belleplain Chapter
Belleplain State Park

Black Bear Cycling
Waywayanda State Park

Essex County Chapter (inactive)

Glouchester County Chapter
Ceres Park

High Bridge Commons Chapter

Jersey Action Riders (JAR) / Cherry Hill Trail Crew
Kresson Trails, Cherry Hill

Team Bulldog
Kittatiny Valley State Park

Mahlon Chapter
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation

Mine Hill
Dickerson Mine Preserve

Morris Trails Partnership
Lewis Morris County Park

MTBNJ Chapter

Palisades MTB
Blauvelt Sterling State Park (NY)
Sterling State Forest

Ringwood Trail Crew (RVCC)
Ringwood State Park
Ramapo State Forest

Round Valley Chapter
Round Valley State Park

Six Mile Run Chapter
Six Mile Run Resevoir

Save Mercer and Ride Trails (SMART)
Mercer County Park

Stephens Chapter
Stephens State Park

Sourlands Chapter
Sourlands Mountain Preservation

Team Town Cycle
Jungle Habitat State Park (former name)

Union County Chapter

Washington Valley Park Chapter
Washington Valley Park / Chimney Rock

West Morris Trails

Wharton State Park Chapter
Wharton State Forest

Wildcat Wildlife Management Areas