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Wharton State Forest

  • The Greenway Open House 3/14
    Learn about the Essex-Hudson Greenway March 14th. Please join us in Newark on Thursday, March 14th at 6:30pm to learn more about the Greenway. This event will take place at the Cherry Blossom Welcome Center in Branch Brook Park. Translation services are available.
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  • The Hilltop Grasshopper Kids Bike Race
    The 12th running (riding) of the Grasshopper is in the books and we want to thank all who came out to make it a good day for kids on bikes Parents thanks for finding this kid’s bike event. Volunteers, lots of them, thanks for support. Cyclecraft made sure it was a safe biking day and…
  • 2022 Grasshopper Kid’s Race Recap
    WOW, what a great day of racing for kids on the Kid’s Korse,   A total  of 76 racers came out, the largest classes were the Boys PreK – Grade 1 and Grade 2 – 3 with 11 starters in each class The conditions were superb and kids were really flying around each 0.3mi lap.  The…
  • Grasshopper Kid’s Bike Race, August 13, YES KIDS ARE RACING!!
    The Hilltop Grasshopper Kids Bike Race is back at the new location in Cedar Grove below the new Community Center on Fairview Avenue.    August 13 at 0900 is the first start time Sign up right now at this link to Bike Reg   This is a grassroots kids bike event that succeeds because of…