The Jersey Off Road Bicycle Associations represents NJ’s mountain bikers. We advocate;

  • All trails should be sustainable. Existing trails and roads should be upgraded ASAP. If they can’t be made sustainable they should be re-routed to accomplish this.
  • Most trails should be multi-use by default. That said, we support single use trails for a unique experience(s) e.g. the Appalachian Trail, or a bicycle flow trail
  • Every park that has hiking only trails should have mountain bike only trails.
  • All existing woods roads should be multi-use. This includes un-mapped double track.
  • Existing trail networks should be reorganized into stacked loops based on difficulty. Initially by blazing if possible, additionally by adding new trails.
  • Where possible trails and trail heads, should connect people, places and parks.
  • Overnight camping along leave no trace ethics should be allowed and encouraged.

Latest Advocacy News

  • Comment for Public Access Trails Connecting Sterling and Ringwood
    The Watchtower is building a A/V production facility adjacent to Sterling Forest and Ringwood State Park. Let them know you want multi-use public access trails. The property, along Sterling Mine Road, is a potential keystone connecting Ringwood State Park, in NJ, Sterling Forest State Park in NY and Sloatsburg, NY Multi-use Public Access Trails In… Continue reading Comment for Public Access Trails Connecting Sterling and Ringwood
  • MTB Survey for Moores Station Quarry
    Mercer County presented the draft master plan for the Quarry at Baldpate and mountain bikers were the #1 user group to respond. The community came through, BIG TIME and the “Adventure Sports” plan was voted for 2 to 1 over the other two options.  Thank you! After reviewing the presentation, you will notice examples of a BIKE PARK. … Continue reading MTB Survey for Moores Station Quarry
  • NEW JERSEY ACTION ALERT: Support the Essex-Hudson Greenway Project!
    A once-in-a-generation opportunity exists to create a nearly nine-mile long linear park and multi-use trail corridor following the abandoned “Old Boonton” rail line between Jersey City and Montclair. When complete, the Essex-Hudson Greenway is expected to create more than 135 acres of new green space and improve options for active transportation and recreation in Northern… Continue reading NEW JERSEY ACTION ALERT: Support the Essex-Hudson Greenway Project!
  • High Mountain Updates
    The trails listed below will need to be closed to all trail users to help protect endangered species. Some closures will be soft, some will include covering the tread with sticks and leaves other options like planting in the tread will be explored. The rest of the trails will be added as official trails and… Continue reading High Mountain Updates
  • New JORBA Rep for Mine Hill Chapter
    Please welcome Jeremy Klopper as the new representative for the Mine Hill Chapter of JORBA. Jeremy is taking over for Jason Gonsalves. Jason has been the driving force behind all the trails at Dickerson Mine Preserve, none of which would exist without his tireless efforts building and maintaining them. Thank you Jason.
  • 2020 JORBA Chapter Report/Ringwood State Park
    In 2020, the Ringwood Trail Crew recorded 612 volunteer hours. In April, James Bazzano and Tom Pannorfi organized work parties that Park Management permitted, while the Park was technically closed, due to Covid-19 restrictions. Strict mask protocol was observed, and social distancing encouraged. Standout projects include removal of a dilapidated 20+ year old bridge, that… Continue reading 2020 JORBA Chapter Report/Ringwood State Park
  • Allamuchy Trail Crew Review 2020
    215 hours Constant tree removal throughout the year Rock causeway (wet re-route) completed on White Trail Pink blazing on Lumpy Bumpy Extensive ‘brush-back’ at Deer Park and Tranquility side Kiosk maintenance Bridge repair on Allamuchy Pond Trail Continued closing of rouge trail on the lower Red Trail Lower Four Bump Alternate to Lumpy Bumpy (wet… Continue reading Allamuchy Trail Crew Review 2020
  • 2021 Jungle Habitat Update
    Because of COVID, we had no large group sessions. Early in the season we did a lot of maintenance, from minor re-routes to clearing of lesser used trails, in particular Fish, Goat, Boulderdash, and Otterslide. After years of work, multiple site visits and collaborating with the NY/NJ Trail Conference, we received approval for the Tapawingo… Continue reading 2021 Jungle Habitat Update
  • Chapter Report for Lewis Morris
    CHAPTER REPORT FOR LEWIS MORRIS  March 2021  Greg Murray  Synposis:  New Trails Director Amy Lutsko began tenure in second half of 2020. Has carte blanche to design  and implement her vision.  Seeks to revamp Lewis Morris, Pyramid Mountain and Tourne and is drafting a strategic plan.  Current focus on Lewis Morris and Pyramid (latter is… Continue reading Chapter Report for Lewis Morris
  • Sourlands Chapter Report
    2020 was a quiet year for Trail Maintenance at Sourlands, but a huge year for park use due the pandemic and its consequences.  The Parks Commission suspended VPP for 2020, so no official trail work days for JORBA or volunteers.  The Park Rangers did a good job keeping the trails clear while being taxed by… Continue reading Sourlands Chapter Report
  • Atlantic County Chapter Report
    Both the “Seaview Tract Trails” and “Estell Manor Park” are governed by the Atlantic County Parks Commission of which we have an outstanding relationship with.  The “Port Trails” are governed by the Port Republic Town Government.  We also have an outstanding relationship with them. We created a Facebook page “Atlantic County MTB Group” in order… Continue reading Atlantic County Chapter Report
  • JORBA Wharton State Forest Chapter 2020 Report
    131 Volunteer Hours The many dead pine trees from the fire of 2017 are still aging and falling. We are keeping up with it.Due to the pandemic, we advertised only one trail work day in 2020. Instead we organized several small socially distanced groups for the large jobs. We also were asking the Wharton regulars… Continue reading JORBA Wharton State Forest Chapter 2020 Report
  • New Tool Repair Stand at Sourlands
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    We enable grassroots advocacy and trail work statewide, but that doesn’t mean you have to receive information on everything. Subscribe to the areas that interest you.
  • Tentative Dates For Allamuchy Trail Work
    Usually 8:30 to 12:30 Sunday March 28thSaturday April 24thSunday May 9thSaturday June 5thSunday July 18thSaturday August 14Sunday September 26Sunday October 24thSunday November 21stDecember TBD Thanks for your support!
  • High Mountain Trail Review
    JORBA will be meeting in April with the land managers and conservation experts to review the impact of trail on endangered species. Some trails will need to be closed or rerouted. We will have details of trails affected after.
  • New Membership Changes
    We are migrating to CiviCRM. As a result existing JORBA memberships will need to be canceled in PayPal and you will not be auto renewed. We need you to renew your membership online. As part of this process you will be receiving subscription cancellation emails from PayPal. Or-you could really help by logging into your… Continue reading New Membership Changes
  • Take the MTB Survey for Moores Station Quarry
    In 2023, an active quarry on the western side of Baldpate Mountain in Mercer County, will be decommissioned and the park is looking at what land use options should be included.  There are three (3) very preliminary plans for the site.  Option 3, the “adventure sports” option includes mountain bike only trails, mostly likely directional trails,… Continue reading Take the MTB Survey for Moores Station Quarry
  • Tell Union County Parks you want to ride
    Union County Parks wants your thoughts on what sports and recreational activities you’d like to see there. How about some Mountain Biking? Some place local to ride after work? What programs and activates you’d like to see there. Maybe a place for high school mountain bike practices and races. Then email and tell them
  • Rt. 9W Bicycle Lane Project
    Learn about this project: There is a Virtual Public Information Center (PIC) – a website by NJDOT to provide local residents and businesses with information on the Route 9W Palisades Ave to NY State Line project. Learn more!
  • Info for New Riders from Palisades MTB
    JORBA Chapter Palisades MTB has published A Message to New Riders, a good refresher for the OG’s as well. Check it out.
  • Ride More, Ride Right
    How to find and ride wet weather friendly trails.
  • EarthShare 5K for Tomorrow
    EarthShare New Jersey, an environmental nonprofit located in Trenton that works to mobilize people all across the state to protect our air, water, land, and wildlife for a cleaner, greener, and healthier place to live, work and play. Has just started thier virtual 5K where participants can bike, run, or walk anywhere they choose from… Continue reading EarthShare 5K for Tomorrow
  • Act Now to Support the Essex-Hudson Greenway!
    The proposed Essex-Hudson Greenway Project is a nearly nine-mile long, multi-use trail corridor following the Old Boonton Line between Montclair and Jersey City. A long-held vision of all the communities along the route, it will provide numerous transportation and recreation opportunities to residents in North Jersey. We now have a limited window of opportunity to ensure this… Continue reading Act Now to Support the Essex-Hudson Greenway!
  • Jungle Habitat Trail Expansion Approved
    Tapawingo, a joint JORBA and NYNJTC project to improve the trail network adjacent to Jungle Habitat has been approved. Initially you might see some changes in the blazes, and then improved connectivity to Jungle Habitat from the old Hewitt Butler Trail. Eventually we plan on adding a new trail and making the woods roads sustainable.
  • NJ State Parks and Forests are Open
    MORE INFOTo learn more about COVID-19 or find resources, go to https://www.COVID19.NJ.GOV, text NJCOVID to 898-211, or call 211. For updated parks information, please follow this Facebook page or visit the Division of Parks and Forestry’s website:

Projects in Progress:

Tapawingo West Milford, NJ

JORBA and NYNJTC are jointly building a multiuse trail network adjacent to Jungle Habitat.

Completed Projects:

Commons on the Wye High Bridge, NJ

JORBA, Avid Trails and the Borough of High Bridge, NJ have collaborated to jointly develop NJ’s first public flow trails. Check them out and tell us what you think.

Cherry Hill, NJ