The Jersey Off Road Bicycle Associations represents NJ’s mountain bikers. We advocate;

  • All trails should be sustainable. Existing trails and roads should be upgraded ASAP. If they can’t be made sustainable they should be re-routed to accomplish this.
  • Most trails should be multi-use by default. That said, we support single use trails for a unique experience(s) e.g. the Appalachian Trail, or a bicycle flow trail
  • Every park that has hiking only trails should have mountain bike only trails.
  • All existing woods roads should be multi-use. This includes un-mapped double track.
  • Existing trail networks should be reorganized into stacked loops based on difficulty. Initially by blazing if possible, additionally by adding new trails.
  • Where possible trails and trail heads, should connect people, places and parks.
  • Overnight camping along leave no trace ethics should be allowed and encouraged.

Latest Advocacy News

Projects in Progress:

Tapawingo West Milford, NJ

JORBA and NYNJTC are jointly building a multiuse trail network adjacent to Jungle Habitat.

Completed Projects:

Commons on the Wye High Bridge, NJ

JORBA, Avid Trails and the Borough of High Bridge, NJ have collaborated to jointly develop NJ’s first public flow trails. Check them out and tell us what you think.

Cherry Hill, NJ