Member Benefits

Member Benefits

This year, JORBA Members can enjoy special deals at various businesses located all over the state.  Scroll through the list to find the benefits near you!

Support the trails you love

Retail Discounts

  • Bike Shop List
  • Rentals
  • Creek?
  • Windham?
  • Powder Ridge
  • Breweries
  • Pelican?
  • Black River Roasters
  • Circa & HB places

???? What else. Ideas?

  • State park pass/something something
  • Other non-profit partnerships.
  • travel/lodging incentives
  • Access/VIP. MTBNJ/annual party, some kind of ride, etc
  • Trailforks pro discount

Intangible Community Benefits

In addition to the tangible benefits listed above, it helps to remember the intangible community benefits that becoming a JORBA members

  • We rely upon funding to sustain our strong partnerships with land managers across the state, ensuring access to the trails we love. We also advocate for expanded access and opportunities.
  • We provide liability coverage to our members for trail maintenance sessions and group rides. Insurance costs have more than quadrupled since 2014. Our land managers expect and often require this insurance, and our members deserve it.
  • We have conducted over 34,000 hours of volunteer service since 2009, at a value to our communities of over $880,000. Yes, almost a million dollars! All of this work requires resources; tools, grant matching funds, administrative costs, etc.
  • JORBA is the voice of mountain biking in New Jersey. Your support strengthens this voice, and ensures that the important work of the organization continues to provide outdoor recreational opportunities for New Jersey’s future generations.