Baldpate 2020 Review

Approximately 40 hours of mainly trimming.  Was approved to address bad areas on the Ridge Trail, which cutting nics was effective to address issues. Armoured an historically bad wet spot, approximately 10-15 feet in length, and it held up well over the winter. In October, walked one of the illegal trails with Alex Riveria, the…

Chapter Report for Lewis Morris

CHAPTER REPORT FOR LEWIS MORRIS  March 2021  Greg Murray  Synposis:  New Trails Director Amy Lutsko began tenure in second half of 2020. Has carte blanche to design  and implement her vision.  Seeks to revamp Lewis Morris, Pyramid Mountain and Tourne and is drafting a strategic plan.  Current focus on Lewis Morris and Pyramid (latter is…

Stephens State Park Chapter Report 2020

Stephens State Park Chapter Report 2020 Volunteer Hours :  Six Hundred Twenty Seven Volunteers:  41 Over 10 hours:  6 volunteers 8 hours:   9 volunteers Plenty of brush back, atv damage repair, water management and a major reconfiguration on Tally Hoe. The park has gotten very popular (what park has not?).   

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Atlantic County Chapter Report

Both the “Seaview Tract Trails” and “Estell Manor Park” are governed by the Atlantic County Parks Commission of which we have an outstanding relationship with.  The “Port Trails” are governed by the Port Republic Town Government.  We also have an outstanding relationship with them. We created a Facebook page “Atlantic County MTB Group” in order…

Stephens Trail Maintenance – J.O.R.B.A. 3-21-21 Sunday 8:30am – 12:30pm (IF THE SNOW IS GONE)

Hello all, Stephens Trail Maintenance – J.O.R.B.A.  3-21-21  Sunday 8:30am – 12:30pm   (IF THE SNOW IS GONE) Meet at the iron gates on Kinney Rd. then we’ll relocate (Hike with tools) and do some reconfigure/water management/ winter fix up on the trails.  2 Kinney Rd  (go over the bridge and park by the iron gates)…

JORBA Wharton State Forest Chapter 2020 Report

131 Volunteer Hours The many dead pine trees from the fire of 2017 are still aging and falling. We are keeping up with it.Due to the pandemic, we advertised only one trail work day in 2020. Instead we organized several small socially distanced groups for the large jobs. We also were asking the Wharton regulars…

Cherry Hill Trail Work

JORBA Trail Work Ahead

Cherry Hill Trail work rotates at one of 12 different trails in Cherry Hill, NJ on the second Saturday of the month from 9AM to noon. Volunteer Here.