Tapawingo Project

A joint project with JORBA and NYNJTC the Tapawingo project will improve connectivity with Long Pond Ironworks State Park and Norvin Green State Forest. Work has completed Ryno, the first connection from Rhino in Jungle to Tapawingo. The next connection will be Stags, NJ’s first adaptive mountain bike trail.

Essex County Chapter

JORBA has established a new chapter to advocate for mountain biking in Essex County. Gene Sackman will lead efforts for legal MTB access. Please visit our Essex County Chapter Page for updates and add your name to our Essex County Mailing list.

Wildcat Ridge WMA Chapter Report 2021

The Wildcat Ridge WMA chapter of JORBA remains active. In 2020-2021 there was a joint effort with the NYNJTC to replace a dilapidated bridge across a brook within the WMA. This effort was completed and benefitted all trail users  as well as building good will between the two organizations. Due to above normal rainfall, vegetation…

Dickerson Mine Trail Review 2021

98 hours Jeremy Klopper took Jason Goncalves slot as Co-Lead earlier this year.Jeremy lives in Randolph and can be spotted on the trails either locally or further away as he and his family love to travel to find different places to ride.  He has been a NICA coach since the league’s first season in NJ…