Jungle Habitat Bike Park

Status Closed-Dead

The 2015 NJ put out a request for proposal for the operation of Jungle Habitat. The intent was to turn over the operation of the park to a private party for commercial purposes. Interested parties intended to stage “mud races” obstacle course races on the existing multiuse trail network. We put together this alternative.

In 2016, they followed up with an official request for proposal to operate a mountain bike facility. However, terms of their lease agreement made it economically unfeasible.

The proposal has since been abandoned.


The Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association (JORBA) proposes creating a national caliber, destination mountain biking area for Jungle Habitat. The bike park will feature long distance connecting trails linking towns and businesses with open space.

Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association

JORBA is dedicated to serving off road cyclists as a member of equal standing within the trail user community. Founded in 1999, our focus is to build and maintain sustainable multi-use trails, organize and encourage volunteerism and responsibility, and advocate and foster mountain biking as a healthy, environmentally sound, and sustainable activity.

JORBA has been working in Jungle Habitat since 2005. Currently, 12 miles of stacked loop multi-use trails provide recreation for families, dog walkers, hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers and visitors of all types. Each year, Jungle Habitat is host to several popular biking events, including Rumble in the Jungle Mountain Bike Race, Juniors in the Jungle Kids Races, Take your Kids Mountain Biking Days, and the JORBA Jungle Jam.

Jungle Habitat Bike Park and Trail Hub

The Jungle Habitat Bike Park and Trail Hub will be a full spectrum, destination riding experience for cyclists of all ages, skills and abilities. The bike park will provide sustainable revenue for the State of New Jersey and for ongoing maintenance and operation of the facility. Features of the park include:

  • 800-Acre Progression-based Bike Park
  • 26-Mile MB Specific Trail System
  • 7-Specialized Riding Areas
  • Professional Integrated Event Infrastructure
  • Venue for world class races, competitions and special events programming
  • National Level Racing and Competition Venues
  • Long Distance Trails Linking Towns and Businesses with Open Space
  • Provide a hub for connecting open space and businesses and for linking municipal development areas with multi-use trails
  • World Class Destination Tourism Amenities
  • Provide significant economic impact for the local community as a recreational tourism destination

Our Market

Every year, thousands of visitors – young and old, enthusiasts to weekend warriors – from NJ-NY leave the metropolitan area to ride bike parks, ride centers and epic long distance trails elsewhere in America. Each year, Americans spend more on bicycling gear and trips ($81 billion) than they do on airplane tickets and fees ($51 billion). “For every dollar spent on gear and vehicles, an estimated four dollars in spending on trips and travel results.” In New Jersey, outdoor recreation creates $17.8 BILLION in consumer spending, 158K direct New Jersey jobs, $6.1 BILLION in wages and salaries and $1.3 BILLION in state and local tax revenue. According to the Outdoor Industry Foundation 3.5% of Americans over 6 ride BMX and mountain bikes. Home to 20 million residents, the NY/NJ metropolitan area needs a world class mountain bike park.

Friends of Jungle Habitat Bike Park Benefit Corporation

In 2011, New Jersey Gov. Christie signed into law legislation creating a new corporate form – the “benefit corporation” or “B corporation.” A benefit corporation is a corporation that performs a social or environmental mission in addition to its for-profit objectives. The Friends of Jungle Habitat Bike Park group will be a membership organization managed by a JORBA advisory committee and overseen by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection. The group will be established to facilitate the design and master planning of the park, raise funds for the construction of the park, and assist the in the construction, management and ongoing maintenance and operation of the park once it is built. An official membership drive will be launched with the ultimate goal of establishing a paid membership base of around 500 annual members to provide $37,500 annually to support park maintenance and operations.

Onsite Resources and Infrastructure

Providing destination level amenities for visitors to the park is essential for positive first time experiences and positive experiences every time after. Onsite park facilities, signage and infrastructure will be managed to provide the highest quality user experience for visitors and to optimize the visitor flow at events for maximum sponsor and donor engagement, recognition, and revenue generation.

  • Restroom and Shower Facility
    • The heated restroom and shower facility provides destination visitors with a full suite of amenities to enjoy the epic trails and ride in comfort.
  • Bike Wash Station
    • The bike wash station lets visitors service their bikes and equipment before and after riding, maximizing the experience.
  • Bike Tool Station
    • The bike tool station provides visitors with a work stand, basic tools, and air pump for servicing equipment and keeping equipment tuned.
  • Water Filling Station
    • The water station provides convenient water access and allows for easy filling of a large volume of water pack reservoirs and bike water bottles, helping riders stay hydrated on the trails.
  • Night Vision Signage
    • Comprehensive signage system produced with reflective surfacing ensures visitors are never lost day or night.
  • Volunteer Onsite Park Host
    • The volunteer onsite park host provides an additional level of comfort, security, and convenience for destination visitors.
  • Reservable Group Camp Site
    • The group camp site allows destination visitors to group camp and turn a weekend of riding into a lifetime of memories.
  • Reservable Campsites
    • Campsites provide great camping for the whole family.
  • Retail Sales
  • Facility Dining Hall
  • Long Distance Hut to Hut amenities

Event Resources and Infrastructure

The group will produce a range of special events throughout the year and work with professional outside event promoters to bring in local, regional and national level races, camps, clinics, competitions and other events. These events, including the park groundbreaking, soft openings, and the grand opening festival, will provide excellent opportunities for name recognition and include VIP banner placements, VIP vendor booth space, VIP event passes and live VIP event announcements. Integrated event infrastructure, such as the entrance road gantry sign, enhances the user experience by providing clear wayfinding and park and sponsorship branding. On race day, the gantry sign will provide instructions supporting the event.

  • Access Road and Gate Controls
    • The gate-controlled entrance road provides event access management for the entire park, and the gate controlled main event venue provides access management for the core event staging area.
  • Onsite and Overflow Parking Areas
    • Onsite venue parking will accommodate hundreds of vehicles.
  • Spectating Areas
    • Many spectating areas are provided for the various events, races and competitions at each venue area. These will include semi-permanent spectating areas and special event spectating areas where bleachers can be staged.
  • Main Event Vendor and Pit Zone Areas
    • The main event vendor area will include an 80-booth vendor area and pit zone with a gate-controlled access road that allows for streamlined loading and unloading of equipment.
  • Emergency Management Service Areas (EMS)
    • Designated, signed Emergency Management Service Areas around the park provide critical EMS access, aid in incident location and ensure safe and efficient emergency extractions.
  • Race Production Areas
    • Race production areas include storage for event equipment and access to power for event timing and scoring, announcing, awards ceremonies, live music, etc.
  • Awards Podium and Presentation Area
    • Award ceremonies are an integral part of all special events. The awards podium area will include an awards podium, backdrop, and power for easy setup and professional execution.


A key objective of the bike park design and management is to create opportunities for sustainable revenue that could generate $100,000 annually to support park maintenance and operations. These opportunities include a combination of annual corporate sponsorship dues, special events, venue permitting fees, and the sale of branded merchandise.

Bike Park Membership

Membership fees will allow us to maintain and manage the park. Fees will be $75 annually and include an Annual State Park Pass , totalling an estimated annual revenue of $37,500.

Day Pass

In many state parks, visitors pay daily rates of $5 or $10 during peak season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Access to Jungle Habitat Bike Park will be $15. The expected peak season daily visits is 100 riders. Estimating a peak season of 100 days would be $150,000 in day passes.


Special events will draw larger crowds including non-bikers, and parking-only fees will provide additional income.

Corporate Sponsorship Marketing Opportunities

Partners receive comprehensive recognition online, onsite, in project PR and marketing and at special events managed by the Friends. Depending upon each partner’s specific funding goals and objectives, benefits can be customized to provide the most significant impact. The production of marketing resources, including an official park map, information brochure, branded clothing and merchandise, event posters, sticker kits, etc., will be developed to market and promote the bike park and create additional sources of sustainable revenue to support park operations. The group will manage online resources including a website, email newsletter, facebook page and social media accounts to promote the project, provide critical information to the community and media, and engage foundation grant support, corporate sponsors, major donors and grassroots supporters. Onsite signage integrated into all aspects of the park’s infrastructure, from the trail system to the specialized riding areas, event facilities and tourism amenities, will provide a wide range of opportunities for sponsor recognition on the ground – where it matters most! The group will manage PR and media outreach efforts and maintain a PR Media Kit with resources including photo and video media assets, boilerplate project information quick sheets, and updated lists and logos for all sponsors, donors and supporters.

Sponsor Assets and Rates

  • Website
    • Opportunities for sponsors logo on home page, sponsors page, map page etc. can range from $1000 to $100,000 depending on the placement and term.
  • Email Newsletter
    • Headers space and sponsor announcements $500-$1000
  • Facebook Page
    • Sponsor mentions and likes $500-$1000
  • Trails
    • “Trail Name” sponsored by “Organization” 1 x $25,000/ 5 years, $15,000/ \3 years. Various trails and term lengths tbd.
  • Specialized Riding Areas
    • Jump Line sponsored by…. 1 Sponsor x $50,000/ 5 years Specialized riding areas provide extra opportunities to monetize sponsorship.
  • Infrastructure
    • Main Event Stage $10,000 / year
    • Park Entrance Sign $10,000 / year
    • Park Exit Sign $10,000 / year
    • Park Map Sign $10,000 / year
    • Park Legacy Sponsors Sign $10,000 / year
    • Current Sponsors Sign $10,000 / year
  • Amenities
    • Heated Restroom and Shower Facility $10,000 / yer
    • Pit Zone $10,000 / year
    • Bike Wash Station $10,000 / year
    • Water Station $10,000 / year
    • Group Camp Site $10,000 / year
  • PR Kit Inclusion all sponsors from $50,000
  • Marketing
    • Park map $1000 / printing
    • Park T-Shirt $1,000 / print
    • Bike Park book $1,000 / print
    • Events
    • VIP Banner Placement $2,500
    • VIP Booth Placement $2,500
    • VIP Event Passes $500
    • VIP Event Announcements $1,000


The operations plan provides a comprehensive accounting of the costs associated with the active maintenance and operation of the park including park staffing, equipment procurement and maintenance, fuel, materials and other associated costs. The annual operation budget is $100,000. Funded by the initial capital fundraising campaign, the Operating Fund’s objective is to provide $40,000 annually to directly support the annual maintenance and operation of the park for at least 15 years.


Staffing for the park will include one year-round, part-time staff coordinator (responsible for managing park operations, event planning and permitting, sponsorships, and coordinating with the Friends group to support volunteer work parties and maintenance activities) and two full-time seasonal operations staff responsible for providing seasonal maintenance and operational support. The annual staffing budget is $60,000.


Capital equipment required to maintain the park will be maintained, upgraded and replaced as necessary to ensure the highest quality user experiences for visitors and compliance with risk management and park operation plans. The annual capital equipment budget is $25,000.


All other materials, fuel and associated equipment, parts, etc. to maintain the park’s trails, riding areas and facilities, event infrastructure and amenities. The annual materials budget is $15,000.


Master Planning

The master plan will be developed through a series of community design workshops that will collect input from state and local stakeholders with the goal to create a unified vision for the design of the park, including the development of a master plan, construction documents and onsite layout of trail alignments. Technical assistance and conceptual site plan will be in conjunction with IMBA Trail Solutions ad IMBA’s Bike Park initiative.

Rolling Opening

The 12 plus miles of existing trails built by JORBA allow the park to function from Day 1. Initially only primitive camping will be available until infrastructure has been developed.

Construction Phase

New trail construction and infrastructure will begin with approvals and will be ongoing and will follow a phased approach:

  • Long distance trail connectors will initially use existing fire roads and trails. Priority will be given to repairing or rerouting unsustainable segments.
  • Construction of core loop trails, beginner trail network, and “Basic Training” Skills Trail.
  • Construction of intermediate and advanced trail networks, and Terrain Park.
  • Construction of core infrastructure elements.
  • Construction of amenities infrastructure and remaining event infrastructure.
  • Construction of pedestrian areas, installation of final signage and completion of all remaining park trails, riding areas, venues, infrastructure and amenities elements.

Required Information

Jungle Habitat Bike Park and Trail Hub will be a world class facility for riding bikes off road. While mountain biking is now a year-round activity, visitor frequency increases in the spring and fall. Hours of operation will need to be expanded to accommodate overnight campers as well as special events like night rides and 24-hour endurance events. Revenue from day passes, camping and annual membership will be split with the state. Please provide a brief description of your mission.

JORBA’s mission is to build and maintain sustainable multi-use trails, organize and encourage volunteerism and responsibility, and advocate and foster mountain biking as a healthy, environmentally sound, and sustainable activity.

The mission of the Friends of Jungle Habitat Bike Park as a B Corporation would be expanded to include: promoting economic opportunity for individuals or communities beyond the creation of jobs in the normal course of business, preserving the environment, and improving human health through cycling.

Please list and provide additional information, including marketing materials, regarding other types of amenities or services your company manages or provides.

JORBA’s expertise is in building and maintaining multi-use trails. To do that, JORBA works closely with park management. Additionally, JORBA has also successfully developed 2 pump tracks. The West Milford Family Pump Track is adjacent to Jungle Habitat. More information can be found at https://jorba.org/

Has your company ever had a government contract to manage a government facility/asset?

Not contracts but MOU’s

Does your company provide services at a single facility or at multiple venues? Does your company contract with a single client or multiple clients?

JORBA works in multiple parks with multiple levels of government. Our current list of parks is at https://jorba.org/parks and includes:

Allaire State Park Allamuchy “Deer Park” Allamuchy Mountain State Park Belleplain State Forest Dickerson Mine Preserve Estell Manor County Park Jungle Habitat Kittatinny Valley State Park Kresson Trails in Cherry Hill Lewis Morris County Park Mahlon Dickerson Reservation Mercer County Park Ramapo Mountain State Forest Ringwood State Park Six Mile Run Reservoir Site Sourlands Mountain Preserve Stephens State Park Washington Valley Park Wawayanda State Park Wharton State Forest Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area

Please describe your company’s experience with the recreational activity idea(s) presented by your company.

JORBA is very experienced with mountain bikes and has extensive industry contacts to facilitate the development of bike parks. In particular IMBA Bike Park Initiative https://www.imba.com/model-trails/bike-park-initiative


Bike Parks

Valmont Bike Park https://bouldercolorado.gov/parks-rec/valmont-bike-park Griffen Bike Park https://griffinbikepark.com/

Destinations https://www.imba.com/destinations

Trail connections, Highlands Greenway, Columbia trail, Sussex Branch, etc. Connections Businesses and Economic Development Areas

IMBA Ride Center


The Ride Center™ designation represents IMBA’s Model Trail recognition for large-scale mountain bike facilities that offer something for every rider. Bring your full arsenal of bikes to these destination-worthy areas. From backcountry adventures to shuttle-served gravity trails, and from expert-only to family-friendly, you’ll encounter the best the sport has to offer.

IMBA Epics


IMBA has returned the Epics to the original intent of the designation—demanding, mostly singletrack adventures in a natural setting. The Epics designation denotes a true backcountry riding experience—one that is technically and physically challenging, more than 80 percent singletrack and at least 20 miles in length.

Bike Park Initiative


Bike parks are dedicated parks and recreation facilities that include features such as purpose built trails, pump-tracks, flow trails, jumps and progressive skills areas for all ages and abilities. They generally have a comprehensive plan for design, construction, maintenance and programming to insure the long term sustainability of the bike park as a recreation facility in the community. IMBA’s book, Bike Parks: IMBA’s Guide to Creating New-School Riding Facilities provides a valuable resource for anyone interested in fostering a bike park project.


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Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association

Tom Hennigan President tom@jorba.org 973-506-9293