AKA Boondoggle

Stingray is the extension of Boon down to Dump Truck Hill. It provides an alternative to the unsustainable quad trail.

This is a proposal Dave and I started years ago, before the ATV park and Mud Race fiascos. We would be extending a trail called Boon. It is a replacement for a steep eroded woods road. We are not disturbing anything on the right of way. As you can see from the Google Earth images, the right of way is already heavily impacted by illegal ATV use. 

2019.12.12 Peter Dolan of NYNJTC has reached out to NJ State Senator in getting help from O&R on the utility ROW.

2019.09.11 Seth Reichlin contacted his NY State Senator to contact ConEd, who replied we should contact NJ State Senator.

2018.09.24 Eric Pain provided Georgette Campbell Orange and Rockland ConEd a written request, a survey of the property, deed of easement as well as some additional supporting location identifiers.

2018.07.03 Georgette Campbell requested “Mark the trail on the map with dimensions and include your written request for proposed trail. If possible, please include Orange and Rockland’s easement grants as noted on the drawing.”

2018.06.01 Guattery, John O&R ConEd referred to Georgette.

2018.05.02 O&R Requested nearest pole numbers: The main pole we’ll go either left or right of is 50008 41235 984 Next closest, 50011 4123 1 983

2017.12.07 Resubmitted under new LMR