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Perrineville Lake Park

Enjoy the peace, quiet, and natural beauty of this 1,272-acre site in Millstone & Roosevelt while angling for bass or catfish in the lake. Watercraft can be launched into the lake where visitors can canoe, kayak, and fish (car top, electric powered boats only). Lake access is on Perrineville Road/Sweetman’s Lane (between Agress Road & Millstone Road).

In addition to access to the lake, there are several trails including the 1.4-mile Lakeside Loop that follows an old farm road; the unpaved, 1-mile Pine Creek Trail; the meandering 2.4-mile Rocky Brook; and the pedestrian-only, 0.7-mile Quail Run. See park brochure above for map and parking locations.

The 3.4-mile Mine Hill Trail was recently opened and is categorize as a black diamond trail due to elevation. Please note this trail is in the process of being marked but is open for use. A parking lot for this trail is located at 95 Pine Hill Road.