Allamuchy Stephens Green Rock Trail

Proposed NICA Course

JORBA, New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling League and King Trail Alliance jointly propose to fundraise, and build a beginner level trail at Allamuchy State Park.

Help us build a beginner level trail on the Stephens side of Allamuchy State Park. The Green Rock trail will provide better conectivity from the concert fileds at Waterloo to the trails on Stephens side. 

Total Amount

A Venue for Student Athletes

To develop a venue for the New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling League (NICA) to hold races for their student athletes.

The Existing Blue Rock Trail

The trail would branch off the existing Blue Rock Trail off Kinney Road and Waterloo Valley.

Existing Unmarked

Connecting with an existing unmarked trail;

Professionally Built

Using  professional trail building company to build the new trail. It would take place in an area that has been historically disturbed and to meet NICA distance requirements, the trail would be extended to the adjacent field where we would have the infield, pitzone and start finish.

Proposed Course

The start finish area will be combined with call up and staging in the adjacent field.

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IMBA Trail Difficulty Rating System

Proposal Details

The trail will be built to USFS Trail Class 3-4 and an IMBA difficulty rating of Easy Green. Tread 36″ wide and relatively smooth with few irregularities. No imported material, native only. Vegetation cleared outside of trailway.

This trail can be ridden by adaptive mountain bikers, aMTB Rating
aMTB 1 – No obstacles exist. Wide enough. Can be ridden confidently solo.

Blue Rock Trail on