Wildcat Wildlife Management Area

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Description of Wildcat Ridge WMA:

Wildcat Ridge Wildlife Management Area is managed by NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife and is comprised of over 3000 acres. In the early 1990’s this area was almost developed into a golf course with luxury homes, but with the efforts of local land preservationists, and the cooperation of the NJDEP, the land was saved and has continued to grow as more properties are acquired and added on. This area is rich in history, as it contains many iron mines, foundations, and the old Hibernia Cemetery dating back into the 1800’s. The area contains many old woods roads which are unmarked and several marked trails have been put in and maintained by volunteers associated with the Wildlife Conservation Corps and JORBA. All trails and wood roads have been adopted by JORBA with permission of the NJDEP Regional WMA Land Manager. Points of interest include the Hawkwatch Overlook at the Intersection of the White and Orange Trails, also at the end of the radio tower service road.

******* Riding Restrictions apply during Hunting Season********:

For safety reasons and to avoid interference with hunting activities, access for off road cycling is reduced between September 15th and March 1st. Monday through Saturday. There are no riding restrictions on Sunday though Hunting is still permitted. Cyclists should make reasonable effort to avoid hunters and wear bright colors to increase visibility.

Splitrock Reservoir

Often the term “Splitrock” is mistakenly used to identify the area but is actually the name of a nearby reservoir. The land buffer surrounding the reservoir has been acquired by the NJDEP in January of 2015 for a cost of $3.1M.

While the parking lot on Splitrock road does serve well as a starting location for rides, the main purpose is to support boating on Splitrock, so please respect those users and do not block access to the boat launch. There is no parking along Splitrock Road and Rockaway Township Police have been known to ticket cars parked along the road and not within the confines of the designated public parking area.

Splitrock Reservoir is oriented North-South. There are two trails along the reservoir, the White or Farny Highlands Trail along the West shore (hiking only), and the Blue “Splitrock Loop” trail (Dark Blue) along the Eastern shore which runs parallel to Splitrock, Green and Charlotteburg Roads.

Note: The Four Birds Trail (White) along the West side of Splitrock is Hiking only

Note: The “Farny Natural Area” located along the entire West side of Splitrock reservoir is not open to any off road cycling. No riding is permitted on any of the trails or roads within. It should also be noted that Camp Marcella, Camp Lewis and Camp Winnebago located to the North and West of Farny Natural Area are private property and “No Trespassing” at all times.


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