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  • Policies and Procedures

    Procure-to-Pay Workflow Procedures Overhead/Administrative Expenses: JORBA overhead/administrative expenses include, but are not limited to, the following: payments to vendors for membership materials, payments to vendors for other materials, insurance,  web hosting,  subscriptions,  travel and entertainment expenses, vendors for festivals or fundraising events, payments to regulatory or government agencies, and other items that are consideredconsider overhead/administrative… Continue reading Policies and Procedures

  • Stags

    Stags New Jersey’s first accessible trail for adaptive riders Stags on Stags is the next section of the Tapawingo project. A joint project of the NY-NJ Trail Conference and JORBA to upgrade and connect the trail network Long Pond Ironworks State Park and Norvin Green State Forest. Originally conceived as a reroute around an…

  • Plans, Proposals and Projects

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  • Allamuchy Stephens Green Rock Trail

    JORBA, New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling League and King Trail Alliance jointly propose to fundraise, and build a beginner level trail at Allamuchy Mountain State Park. This trail will allow for the New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling League (NICA) to hold races for their student athletes. The trail would branch off the existing Blue Rock Trail near Kinney and…

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  • Tapawingo

    A Joint Project with NY-NJ Trail Conference and JORBA for Long Pond Ironworks, Norvin Green, and Jungle Habitat Trail Networks Latest Posts Tapwingo Map The map shows the proposed Tapawingo route under construction. Many of the existing trails are hike a bike, some stream crossing are difficult. If you want to explore please stay on…