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    Mercer TM Saturday 5/18


    Hi Folks, Mercer TM is this Saturday 5/18/24 Weather will be good. Come on out and help repair and maintain the trails you ride! Brush Hog and trail margin clearing work begins this weekend. We will begin on the west side of the park: VanNest, yellow and orange trails. We will assemble at the Marina parking…

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    Mercer TM March 16th Report


    3/16/24 Scheduled TM: Mick, Tom , Al and Rudy.  Replace missing trail markers on Red trail, East picnic to West picnic area. Completed. Sweetgum tree spikey balls were raked out. 2.5 hrs each- 10 hrs total Al reported a tree – leaner on Red near west picnic. We will attend to this at a later…