Code of Conduct for the Leadership of the Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association (JORBA)

The Board of Directors (BOD), officers, and all park leadership, including Chapter Leaders, Park Reps and their principal lieutenants (hereafter denoted as “leadership”) will commit to ethical, businesslike, and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and appropriate decorum while acting as representatives of JORBA, both in person and while online electronically. In other words, the actions of individual JORBA leadership should in no way reflect poorly on JORBA. By pursuing a leadership position in JORBA, these individuals are willing to be held to a higher standard. Decisions as to what constitutes grounds for dismissal is determined by a majority vote of the board.

1. Leadership must have loyalty to the membership of the organization, without conflict from loyalties to staff, other organizations or groups, and any self-interest.

2. Leadership must avoid conflict of interest with respect to their fiduciary responsibilities.

a. Leadership will disclose their involvements with organizations or with vendors, staff or affiliates and any other associations that might be reasonably seen as representing a conflict of interest.

b. When the Board is to decide on an issue about which a member has an unavoidable conflict of interest, that member shall disclose such conflict and absent him- or herself without comment not only from the vote but from the deliberation.

3. Leadership may not attempt to exercise individual authority over the organization, its affiliates, or any of their parts or staff.

4. Leadership will respect the confidentiality appropriate to issues of a sensitive nature.

5. Leadership will support the legitimacy and authority of the final determination of the Board on any matter, irrespective of the member’s personal position on the issue.

6. Leadership shall not commit or advocate for actions outside of the law. Board members that commit an illegal act may be dismissed from the Board.

7. Leadership shall not build or assist with building unauthorized trails.

8. Leadership shall not act in representation of JORBA or enter into agreements without approval from the Board.

9. Leadership will respect local representation and shall not circumvent inclusion without approval from the Board.

10. Leadership will accurately report all volunteer hours, development estimates and expenditures.

11. Leadership understands that equipment, tools and machines purchased using JORBA funds are the property of JORBA and is “on-loan” in perpertuity. Should the leadership leave (or be dismissed) and/or the volunteer group or chapter becomes inactive (or is dissolved), all property loaned to this group shall be returned to a JORBA where it will be redistributed to groups in need.

-Reviewed by board August 2011
-Revised and Adopted September 2011 by Officers of JORBA