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Your Membership Counts!


  1. It supports the trail building & maintenance at your local chapter.
  2. It funds the tools & resources needed for each chapter to operate.
  3. It helps strengthen our voice in critical advocacy efforts needed to both protect and expand your riding areas. More members means a bigger say!


Various Membership support levels are available, the details of which can be found below. If you prefer, you can alway make a one time donation




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Donations are tax deductible. Tax ID 22-3667526

Membership Levels

We offer various membership levels to accommodate various contribution levels. The trails we ride are worth maintaining, and the trails we don’t yet have are worth fighting for. Just remember that every membership adds to the collective voice to our local and state governments to open more space to mountain biking.

Below is a breakdown of the different membership levels and what they entail.

MembershipCostJORBAnd/StickerSocksT-ShirtWicking Shirt
Green Circle$25X
Blue Square$35XX
Black Diamond$50XX
Supporting Rider$75XXX
Riding Family$75XX(2)
Double Black Diamond$100XXX
Fat Tire Family$125XX(2)X(2)
Single Speed$150XXXX

In addition to the individual member levels listed above, we offer different levels of shop/business sponsorship.

Cool Shop$100A Cool Shop or bike friendly business. $100 or more get’s you a ton of good karma and your logo on our rotating banner.
Fat Tire Friend$250$250 or more get’s you a ton of good karma and your logo on our rotating banner.
Über Sponsor$500Above and Beyond Sponsor, $500 or more get’s you a ton of good karma and your logo on our rotating banner.
Mega Sponsor$1000The highest level JORBA sponsor. $1000 or more. Your logo on our rotating banner and tons of good karma.

Once you Join

Please allow 3-4 weeks for membership packages to arrive. If you have any questions regarding membership, fulfillment, or problems with the software, don’t hesitate to contact fulfillment-at-jorba-dot-org.

Fat Tire Friends