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Jason Fenton of Halter’s and local rider Jason “Wobbegong” Pace co-lead the Six Mile Run chapter and keep the trails clean, clear, and super fun. In 2007, JORBA adopted the group as an official JORBA chapter and the park is maintained regularly by our local volunteer trail crew.

All of the trails at Six Mile Run are open to multi-use. This is something we are very proud of. In the past, the park had trails that did not allow cycling. Through our efforts, working as a team with the park staff, we were able to change the status of all trails to multi-use. Hikers, Bikers and Equestrians are all equally welcome.

Additional Information

The Six Mile Run Reservoir Site, part of Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park, is one of Central New Jersey’s most hidden recreational resources for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. The 3000 acre reservoir site, rich in cultural and historic significance, is also a valuable oasis of wetlands, forests, farmlands and old fields. Parking is available at three locations at Six Mile Run. These spots are loacted on Rt. 27, Jaques Lane and Canal Road. See our map below their specific locations.

If your looking for a longer ride, parking is available in multiple spots in the Princeton area along the Canal Path. You can easily access Six Mile run from the canal path, since it sits next to the Blackwells Mills Road crossing.


  1. Red – This trail runs from the Jaques lane parking lot to the Rt. 27 lot. It crosses Middlebush Road. It is the straightest path for access between the two lots. This trail allows users to avoid the twisty section of the orange trail. There is a section of trail that runs from the current red trail to Canal road. This unmarked section of “former red trail” is no longer recognized by the park staff.
  2. Blue – This trail runs from the Canal lot to where it connects with the Red trail near Middlebush Road. JORBA has added many new sections along this trail, with the permission and help of the park staff. This section has improved greatly over the years and offers a diverse riding experience
  3. Orange – Welcome to the twisties! Around and around she goes, where it stops nobody knows! Twists, turns, berms and bears…. Oh my! This section of trail twists and turns with plenty of berms. Come and hone your cornering skills. Ever notice how Six Mile Locals corner like they’re on rails? This section is why.
  4. White – This singletrack trail runs from the Red trail to the Jagues Lane Lot. This trail was Created by JORBA volunteers and offers some great riding with small elevation changes and some great bench cut trails. It ends with a Singletrack ride through some open meadow and scrub brush.
  5. Yellow – This Straight Intermediate trail along the water with cool features here… and there… This trail is in a flood plain and isnt ridable except for times of serious drought. It has been removed from our maps and the park and JORBA do not maintain it any longer. This section is best avoided.