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Mahlon Dickerson Reservation is the largest park of the Morris County Park System and encompasses 3,200 acres of near wilderness and recreational areas with over 20 miles of multi-use trails. One of the Reservation’s outstanding features is Headley Overlook, one of the highest points in the Morris County Park System. Along the Pine Swamp trail, the highest point in Morris County, at 1395 feet, can also be found.

Additional Information

Mahlon Dickerson was actually the location of the first mountain bike race ever held in New Jersey.


  1. Cascade – Mostly non-technical. Riding clockwise, the climbing out consist of longer and shallower climbs. Riding counter clockwise, the descent is super fun and the climb out consists of shorter, yet steeper, climbs.
  2. Yellow – This section of trail was constructed to replace the original “Wall”, which was a washed out fire road. The top of the trail is located near the Headley Overlook, and it consists of moderately technical tight singletrack. After descending, follow the Yellow blazes to bridge and stream crossing and look for the entrance to Stone Gate about 0.5 miles on the left.
  3. Yellow/Black – (Stone Gate) is split into two parts divided by the highest point on the trail; a rock formation called Stone Gate. One half is smooth and flowing singletrack, the other moderately technical, yet still quite flowing, singletrack. Riding clockwise consists of the smoother part of the trail with a slight ascent followed by the technical descent. Riding counter-clockwise is a fairly big climb to the top.
  4. Yellow – Runs along the west side of the park. The fire road is heavily populated with walkers/hikers on a nice day.
  5. White – (Beaver Brook) Another very technical section of trail that starts near the bottom of The Wall and eventually leads out of the park.
  6. Three Stone – Just north of Weldon Road, a tight loop of single track.
  7. Teal – (Highland’s Trail) Highland’s trail is a hiking only trail, however it is multi-use where it shares real-estate with other trails.

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