Standards of Care 

● United States Department of Labor 29 CFR Standard 1910

Risk Identification

● Injuries as a result of loading or unloading equipment from vehicles.
● Injuries blamed on mismatch in skill level between user and trail difficulty

Risk Management Areas

Risk Management – Loading and Unloading 

● Gasoline shall not be transported in the passenger compartment of a vehicle.
● Gasoline shall only be transported and stored in a properly rated container.
● Transporting tools in the passenger compartment of a vehicle should be avoided, but if there is no alternative may be done if properly secured.
● Loading ramps shall be rated for 2x the estimated load.
● Loading ramps should be secured to the truck bed or trailer.
● Straps, chains, winches and other such hardware shall be properly rated for the load.
● Tools should be handled and transported properly.