● New Trail – A trail constructed within an already established trail network that is blazed with a new color or otherwise uniquely identified.
● Trail Re-route – The alteration of an established trail in order to restore connectivity, improve sustainability or for other reasons.
● New Trail Network – The design and construction of multiple trails in an area without an already established trail network.

Standards of Care 
● International Mountain Bicycling Association – Trail Solutions Handbook

Risk Identification
● Injuries blamed on trail design or modification
● Injuries blamed on mismatch in skill level between user and trail difficulty
● Injuries as a result of incorrectly designed trail features.

Risk Management for New Trails and Trail Reroutes
1. For all trail work, IMBA Trails Solution techniques shall be followed.
2. Trail work shall be coordinated through and approved by the land manager.
3. Obstacles and features added to an existing trail shall meet the already established skill level and or consisted with the other trails of the area.