Organizing & Running Trail Work

This page contains an outline for JORBA park representatives for organizing and running trail work.

Covid-19 Protocols

Crew leaders have the choice to open up trail work to the public. If you want to keep your work limited to your regular trail crew please post your work on Nobody should feel unsafe doing trail work.

Land Manager Approval

It is your responsibility to notify your land manger of the work you intend to perform. Some land managers might have their own recording and training requirements. Make sure you adhere to them. First and foremost any and all work performed is at the discretion of your land manger.

Post your work on

All trail work most be posted and managed through the JORBA website. This is an insurance issue.

Create an event, a volunteer project and a post.

Then post your work session in any social media accounts you may run.

Have your volunteers RSVP

It is a good idea to to get a handle on the number of volunteers you are expecting. This allows you to bring the proper number of tools and decide if you need help managing the volunteers.

Have your volunteers sign a waiver

All volunteers and staff must complete the JORBA Waiver once a year. You can complete it online or download the form.

Introduction and Safety Talk

Record volunteer hours worked.

Record all volunteers and staff hours (minutes actually) in CiviVolunteer.

Tasty Beverages and Bagels

JORBA provides a chapter stipend for you to be reimbursed for expenses. Please complete the Chapter Stipend Form.

Trail Planning and Design

Trail Construction and Maintenance

Trail and User Management

MTB Research