New Jersey’s First Accessible Trail for Adaptive Riders


New Jersey’s first accessible trail for adaptive riders

Stags on

Stags is the next section of the Tapawingo project. A joint project of the NY-NJ Trail Conference and JORBA to upgrade and connect the trail network Long Pond Ironworks State Park and Norvin Green State Forest. Originally conceived as a reroute around an unsustainable section of the legacy Hewitt-Butler trail. Stags would connect the Tanks and Cages trails in Jungle Habitat to the Tapawingo route.

Seeing as Stags would require a new section of trail to be built, with consideration of the concerns of our hiking partners we endeavored to reduce the number of turns to avoid building separate lines for hiking and mountain biking. By reducing the number of turns, with just a little more work we could make the trail suitable for adaptive riders.


To accommodate adaptive riders, from the corner outside fence line, Stags will be as straight as possible with a 7% overall grade, 4′-6′ wide to the existing trail. 

The Top Quad Trail

Will be updated to make it sustainable and rerouted to meet adaptive trail standards.

Stags Top Quad

But just having one small section of trail suitable for adaptive riders is not enough. Getting the adaptive rider to the trail is just as important. The route will incorporate sections of the Top Quad trail and access from the secondary access road Safari 1. The width is right, the tread will need to be reworked. To discourage ATV use, special attention will need to be made for signage onto Stags. At the north ends Stags will connect to an existing woods road, and only minor work will be necessary to get the adaptive rider back for another lap.

With the successful launch of Stags as NJ’s first adaptive trail, we can stack small loops of adaptive trails into Tiger Pen and around Boon. Adding to the networks trails suitable for more adaptive riders.

Dale's Bowhead

The first of many


Stags construction is in progress.

Stags Adaptive MTB

We need your help maintain this trail. All supporters will receive a souvenir stags trail blaze. 

Stags is suitable for beginner to intermediate adaptive riders, mountain bikers and hikers.

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The trail will be built from native material to USFS Class 4 standards. The final trail will be 48″-72″ in width. No obstacles over 5″. Maximum grade grade <15%, overall grade 7%. Maximum out slope <5%. Difficulty will be suitable for beginner to intermediate adaptive riders and beginner MTB riders.

Stags aMTB route

Stags aMTB Route

When complete Stags will be a 3950′ route suitable for beginner to intermediate adaptive riders, mountain bikers and hikers.

New Reroute

Approximately 1184′ of new trail will be build to reroute around unsustainable section of legacy trail. This reroute will be as straight as possible to accommodate hikers as well as adaptive mountain bikers. It will be 4′-6′ wide with a flat and stable surface with an overall grade of 7%. No obstacles over 5″ and maximum grade cannot exceed 15%.

Avoid Bedrock Pinches

To avoid bedrock pinches 633′ aMTB trail will connect to the existing woods road.

Existing Roads

Approximately 2293′ of existing woods road will be reworked to accessible standards


Stags Map Collection


Mobilization through the gate up Airport Road, Safari 1 to Top Quad to worksite. View Map Here.

Mechanized access to Stags

Potential Equipment

BFP602 Walk-behind Rubber Track Carrier. Length x Width x Height (in.) 77 x 31 x 41

Bobcat E26 Compact Excavator

  • Horsepower 24.8 hp
  • Operating Weight 6,489 lb
  • Bucket Digging Force 5,652 lbf
  • Maximum Reach at Ground Level 16 ft
  • Width 61 in
  • Tail Swing Type Minimal

Hitachi ZX17U-5 Compact Excavator

  • Net Power 11 kW 15 hp
  • Operating Weight 1720 kg 3,790 lb.
  • Max Dig Reach 3.81 m 12 ft. 6 in.
  • Max Dig Depth 2.19 m 7 ft. 2 in.

Bobcat T76 Compact Track Loader

  • Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 2,900 lb
  • Operating Weight 10250 lb
  • Ground Pressure (Rubber) 6.2 psi
  • Auxiliary Std Flow 23.3 gal/min
  • Auxiliary High Flow 30.3 gal/min