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The Ringwood trail crew has completed construction of the Crossover 19 section of the Crossover trail. This extend the build started on National Trails Day.


An intricate system of marked hiking trails are available for the public to explore, some of which connect the Ringwood and Skylands sections of the park. These trails offer visitors opportunities to explore interior woodlands and rocky vistas. Multi-use trails are also available in the Skylands section of the park. These trails are suitable for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, cross country skiing and snowmobiling. Please obey all designated uses of the trails, posted at the trail heads and trail crossings. A 7.5 mile mountain bike loop trail begins in the Shepard Lake section of the park.

Additional Information:

Ringwood is a vast network of trails which actually heads up into New York state as well as south all the way to Skyline Drive. The standard race loop (which is apparently marked) is a fair way to get yourself in and around the park. Following someone who knows the way is a better bet, as lots of new trails have been showing up in Ringwood over the past few years. Ringwood is home to the H2H race, the Leaf Blower, formerly known as the Fall Classic.


  1. Cannonball – Connects Ramapo State Forest to Ringwood State Forest
  2. Yellow – (Hoeferlin Trail)Connects Ramapo State Forest to Ringwood State Forest
  3. White/Blue Triangle – (Skylands Trail)This is the newest edition to Ringwood, completed in Fall 2008 at the IMBA TCC. This advanced trail designed to ride equally well in both directions, be warned it’s chock full of rock features. It may be found by starting at the intersection of Ringwood-Ramapo Trail and Crossover Trail (Warm Puppy Rock) and continuing north on the Ringwood-Ramapo (red), Or from the top of the race course switch backs near the gas pipeline.
  4. 6 Bridges Trail – Technical and twisty. A Must Ride.
  5. Renegade – (Cats Nest)Difficult Rock gardens. Connect 6 br. to Warm Puppy
  6. Red – (Red/Ringwood-Ramapo)Great new MTB loop near Warm Puppy Rock. A Must Ride.
  7. Race Trail – Start near Shepherd Lake. Intermediate difficulty.
  8. Poison Ivy – Smooth single track. Fun, fast & flowy. Opposite of rest of Ringwood.