High Bridge Flow Trails Close for Construction June 6th-10th

High Bridge Flow Trails
High Bridge Flow Trails
High Bridge Flow Trails

Flow Control

6/6 Mon – 6/8 Wednesday – move and adjust current trail flow

6/8 Wednesday- 6/10 Friday – finish work, bringing clay up the hill capping existing features. 

High Bridge Donations

Please help us build and maintain the trails around High Bridge, NJ. We will use the funds to redesign and rebuild the High Bridge pump track and flow trails. Starting in April 022 we will resurface the beginner and intermediate flow trails in the woods above the track.

In addition to funds, we need clean fill, specifically dirt with some clay in it. We will also ne a tracked transporter preferable a Yanamr C30 or equivilent. If you can help with either, please let us know at high-bridge@jorba.org

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