RSGA Teams-up with High Bridge Recreation Committee and The Nassau Trail Crew

When Ready Set Go Adventures (RSGA) approached High Bridge about using the Nassau Trail upper parking lot to host an aid station on their 80 mile Mega Gravel Adventure Ride, High Bridge was glad to accommodate for a second year. In return, RSGA committed to do a trail maintenance session at the beginning of the summer season.

As the day approached, the goal morphed from a regular trail maintenance day into event preparation. The Recreation Committee was bringing back the High Bridge Adventure Race, which would start on the Nassau Connector field trail. RSGA was the right partner, as they are an outdoor sporting event production company.

RSGA completed a quick assessment then contacted the Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association (JORBA) to borrow equipment, and they stepped-up by supplying a bush hog, and powered pole hedge trimmer. This made short work of clearing the Connector Trail and a parking area for volunteers at the entrance to the Springside single track. It was also used to trim-back the brush in the Nassau Trail parking lot, and the connector from Washington Avenue to the Solitude House trail. Additional work included mowing from the Washington Avenue parking area to the trailhead for the Ironworks, then working the trail so it can safely host a race while still open to non-racer.

As the early-evening maintenance session approached, members of the Rec Committee, City Council, and local volunteer group joined RSGA to complete the effort. The major goal of this group was to fill a deep trench across the Springside Connector, crossing Nassau Rd from the lower lot. Material was donated, and the team worked to properly fill and level the hazard.

An additional group took on the task of clearing deadfall, and trimming back any new growth from the trails. Other hazards were cleared as pointed out by the user community through social media.

This was a solid collaboration across multiple organizations which benefited the race community, took pressure off the race prep team, and general maintenance for trails at a very popular riding/hiking destination.


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