Join us Sunday, August 6th 8:30-12;30.

New Connections

We’re working hard to build new trails for you. Now it’s your turn. 
Please consider volunteering and donating to make more trails close to home. It’s up to us as a user group to build great trails. 

Redback to McKeags Loop

  • NEW Timeline – Completion Winter 2023
  • Current status – Volunteer handwork and finishing.
  • We need more volunteers to make this happen. Please consider taking a day off of riding to help. 

More Coming in 2024

Redback to Southgate Trail

  • Timeline –  Summer 2024 through Spring 2025
  • Current status – Planning and fundraising. 
  • We need your donations. These trails require machines to build. We need donations from you to make this happen. 

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