Dickerson Mine Preserve

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  • Dickerson Mine Trail Review 2021
    98 hours Jeremy Klopper took Jason Goncalves slot as Co-Lead earlier this year.Jeremy lives in Randolph and can be spotted on the trails either locally or further away as he and his family love to travel to find different places to ride.  He has been a NICA coach since the league’s first season in NJ… Continue reading Dickerson Mine Trail Review 2021
  • 2021 Highlights: Marty’s Memorial Trail
    Marty’s Memorial Trail Dedication The Marty Epstein Memorial Trail was officially dedicated on September 19, 2021 and is a fitting recognition to all of the contributions that the late Marty Epstein made to the cycling community.  The clockwise direction of the trail, which is just about a mile long and located on the Randolph side… Continue reading 2021 Highlights: Marty’s Memorial Trail
  • Marty’s Memorial Trail Construction
    Construction is ongoing, we are hopeful for an official summer opening/dedication.
  • New JORBA Rep for Mine Hill Chapter
    Please welcome Jeremy Klopper as the new representative for the Mine Hill Chapter of JORBA. Jeremy is taking over for Jason Gonsalves. Jason has been the driving force behind all the trails at Dickerson Mine Preserve, none of which would exist without his tireless efforts building and maintaining them. Thank you Jason.

Located in Morris County, Mine Hill Township is best known for former resident and 12th Governor of New Jersey, Mahlon Dickerson. With some of the richest sources of iron ore in the country, the Dickerson Mine supplied much of the iron ore used during the American Revolutionary War.

The previous owners of the property now known as the Dickerson Mine Preserve were actively seeking to develop the property since the 1970s until its purchase by the Township 2006.

The Dickerson Mine Preserve is accessible from Canfield Avenue to the East from Green Road and Frank Street to the West. Parking is provided at the Mine Hill Beach parking lot found at the end of Green Road.