Volunteer Trail Maintanence is done under the supervision of Wharton staff.
Maintenance includes: brush backs, blowdown removal and trail tread repair.
RSVP to sj_trailrider@yahoo.com for the meeting/maintenance location.
Please bring water, gloves, suitable footware and a sense of humor.
You will be required to complete and sign a waiver.
Trail tools will be available.
These Scheduled Volunteer Maintenance Days run 9:00 AM to Noon.
Inclement weather/conditions cancels.
Check our Facebook page and MTBNJ.com for updates.

  • Sunday October 10 2021
  • Sunday November 14 2021
  • Sunday December 12 2021
  • Sunday January 9 2022
  • Sunday February 6 2022

Unscheduled ad-hoc volunteer maintenance dates are ongoing in reponse to conditions.
The days will be posted a week prior on our Facebook page and MTBNJ.com.
Start times and end times will vary.


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